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Giffy Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Get rid of harmful germs in your fruits & vegetables

Harmful germs and viruses may be present on the fruits and vegetables you bring home and wash. Get rid of them effectively with Giffy Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Keep your family safe and healthy.

Giffy Fruit & Vegetable Wash is a thoughtfully crafted product from Wipro Consumer Care. It is a 100% natural cleanser, to keep your family safe from harmful viruses and germs that surround us.

Try Giffy Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Keep your food clean and safe

  • 100% natural cleanser
  • Washes dirt, germs, pesticides and wax
  • No artificial fragrance or colour
  • No harmful preservatives
  • No sulphate-based cleansers

How to use it

Fights of germs

Giffy Fruit & Vegetable Wash effectively cleanses harmful viruses and germs.

Removes wax & pesticides

It washes away wax and pesticides that stay as a residue on the surface of your fruits and vegetables.

Cleans dirt

Follow the simple washing instructions to get rid of dirt on your food.

How to use it

Add Giffy

Add a capful of Giffy to 1 litre of water.


Soak fruits and vegetables for 10 mins.


Rinse them 2-3 times thoroughly under running water.

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