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Enchanteur Romantic Body Lotion

Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, and the nourishing touch of olive butter, this body lotion is designed to make your skin smooth and radiant. The non-greasy formula makes it light and easy to apply. The soft, floral fragrance is delightfully feminine. Use it daily after your shower, and get huggable, soft skin, all day long.

  • Floral and feminine
  • With aloe vera and olive butter
  • Perfect for Indian weather
  • Signature fragrance crafted using French perfume making techniques
About the Brand

Experience the joy of being romanced with flowers, flamboyance and oodles of Parisian charm. Enchanteur is a collection of French perfumes, and bath & body products, charming women in over 40 countries with its brilliance. It perfects the art of romance through fine floral fragrances. Each product is designed to make a woman feel cherished, special and enveloped in that feeling of amour.

Fragrance Notes


Pamper your skin with the brilliance of roses. Let this magic ingredient soothe and tone your skin. And leave it fragrant.

Aloe vera

Moisturise and heal your skin with aloe vera’s natural goodness. It instantly revitalizes dull skin giving it a nourished feel.

Olive butter

Repair your skin from deep within, with this easy-to-soak-in ingredient. Olive butter helps make your skin supple and softer. 

You can’t get enough of it because…
  • This lotion nourishes and softens skin with olive butter
  • It heals and repairs damaged skin with aloe vera and olive butter.
  • Its non-greasy formula keeps your skin moisturized without making it oily.
  • It is perfect for all skin types because we’ve controlled the oil balance with our
  • It has a perfume-like fragrance from Bulgarian roses to keep your skin smelling divine.