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Bio Essence Gold Rose
Bio-essence Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water

Get petal soft skin and youthful radiance with Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water. Enriched with pure 24K gold, Japanese rose extract and our unique Bio-Energy Complex™ formula, it protects your skin from first signs of aging while keeping it ultra hydrated.

  • With Pure 24K Gold & Japanese Rose Extract
  • Defies First Signs of Aging
  • Gives Youthful Complexion
About the Brand

Bio-essence is Singapore’s No.1 skin care brand formulated in Asian countries’ top laboratories to give you a naturally youthful, radiant and healthy skin.

Bio-essence products contain active bio-ingredients such as Pure 24K Gold which boosts skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself.

Its unique proprietary formula Bio-Energy ComplexTM enhances skin’s Oxygen intake by 39% to transform skin cells into an active and energized state.