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  • While hiring we do not regard race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, socio-economic background or sexual orientation.

  • All advertisements for posts give clear and accurate information to enable potential applicants to assess their own suitability for the post.

  • Information about vacant posts will be provided in such a manner that it does not restrict its audience in terms of sex, race, marital status, socio-economic background, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion

Learning & Development

Employee development is a top most priority for us and we enable it through:

Development interventions aligned to career plans: Mentoring, Coaching, Bubble Assignments, Leadership Programs

Additional interventions for specific roles through stretch assignments, cross-functional projects, role rotations, overseas/global assignments

Our Leadership & Development initiatives are focused on building technical, functional and leadership competencies of our team.


  • Wipro’s employees are given opportunities to be trained on appropriate skills, systems and processes regardless of sex, race, marital status, socio-economic background, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion.

  • All employees will be encouraged to discuss their career prospects and training needs with their Manager/Supervisor or the HR Department

Ombuds Process

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting does not tolerate any malpractice, impropriety, abuse or wrongdoing. This policy has been introduced by the company to enable individuals to raise concerns about any malpractice, impropriety, abuse or wrongdoing at an early stage and in the right way, without fear of victimization, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage.

Code of Business Conduct

Every member of Wipro Consumer is expected to read and understand the Wipro Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Integrity Manual (collectively referred to as “Code”), uphold these standards in day to day activities, comply with all applicable policies and procedures, and ensure that all agents and contractors are aware of, understand and adhere to these standards.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

We do not discriminate based on ethnicity, nationality, caste, race, religion, language, disability, sex or political orientation neither at the time of recruitment nor during employment. We promote an environment free of bias, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination.