Wipro Lighting, a business of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, has signed a partnership agreement with Schréder to market its lighting products and solutions in India. These are primarily outdoor lighting products which would find use in internet of things (IoT) based applications in Smart Cities and Smart Campuses. For instance, the ‘Shuffle Smart Pole’ lighting infrastructure can be used as a hub to collect and transport data for multiple services through the city.

Anuj Dhir, Vice President (C&I), Lighting Business, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, said, “New technologies in lighting are contributing immensely to make commercial and residential campuses and building stay safe, efficient and smart. Our aim of partnering with Schréder is to bring their patented technology and products like Smart Streetlights & Smart Poles and expertise to empower smart cities in India and address the premium lighting requirements of an urban India. Schréder’s Lightability™ uses the power of light to improve cities significantly. This is one more offering on our Internet of Lighting (IoL)TM platform and we are confident that this will help derive the best outcomes and make cities Safe and Smart.”

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