Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting has done what not many in this space have been able to crack so far – scaling the Great Wall of China, literally. Even though China is considered a difficult market for Indian brands, not just in consumer goods, but even in information technology (IT), the home-grown FMCG brand, is set to close this financial year with a revenue of $125 million (Rs 8 billion) alone from China, as it crosses the milestone of $1 billion (Rs 64 billion) in revenue.In the last four quarters of the calendar 2017, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting has already crossed a revenue of $1 billion with around half of it coming from foreign markets led by Malaysia and China.While Malaysia used to be the stronghold of Wipro, China has become a strategic market for the Bengaluru-based company, especially after the acquisition of the Guangdong-based FMCG company Zhongshan Ma Er Daily Products in November 2016. The company has a strong presence in South China, especially in the Guangdong province.“As far as China is concerned, we are perhaps the only Indian FMCG company that has gone there and acquired business in the country,” said Vineet Agrawal, chief executive officer of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting. “All that we are doing in China is to focus on Guangdong district, and what is quite interesting is that the GDP of that single province is around $1 trillion, which is bigger than most countries.

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