Trade skew notwithstanding, PM Modi’s Make In India pitch warrants taking China along instead of taking on the manufacturing powerhouse..

A few hours up an immaculately laid six-lane highway from Guangzhou port is the massive manufacturing city of Dongguan, the heartbeat of China’s export industry. One of the early foreign entrants was another Indian company, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, which acquired a factory more than a decade ago. The packaging factory produces a wide range of cosmetics products that are shipped across Asia from the Wipro Unza Dongguan plant. “The key to what Dongguan got right,” says Nagender Arya, who heads Wipro Consumer Care’s East Asia, West Asia and Africa operations, “is infrastructure that was built before the manufacturing set-up came. They have fast clearances, whether you’re local or foreign. These are some of the things we need to replicate.”