MUMBAI: The ‘naturals’ wave, which has been sweeping across consumer product categories, has resulted in a significant spike in growth of certain segments of the toilet soap market. Patanjali Ayurved’s entry, in particular, pushed other companies to come up with soap variants that have a combination of natural ingredients like aloe vera and lime.
Considered a “do good” natural ingredient, aloe vera has found more relevance in Indian consumers in recent times. According to industry estimates, aloe vera and lime have emerged as the fastest growing segment in soaps. With sales of Rs 4,500 crore, aloe vera and lime now contribute a significant chunk to the roughly Rs 15,000 -crore toilet soap market. Growing at the rate of 27%, all-India, this segment forms nearly a third of the total toilet soap market in the country. Given the strong double- digit rate of growth, soap makers are going into overdrive in pushing their products in this category.

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