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About the Brand

Wipro brings to you the Hygienix range of anti-bacterial hand wash, germ-protection soap and hand sanitizer.

Hygienix is here to ensure the safety and protection of you and your family.

About the Product

Hygienix Hand Sanitizer is your perfect outdoor companion. It works without water and helps you fight against 99.99% germs that are generally found on surfaces outside. Its 70% alcohol content kills germs and the non-drying formula ensures that your skin remains soft even with multiple uses.

Hygienix Hand Sanitizer can be used and carried anywhere

After touching a surface

Before eating

Before and after working

How to use Hygienix Hand Sanitizer?
Take sufficient amount of sanitizer in your palm.
Rub the sanitizer on your palm.
Rub between your fingers too. Continue till your hands are dry.