Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting

Fastest growing, Truly global, Consumer Product Company


Grown 19 times in last 13 years
Building leadership across 30 countries
Specialist brands for unmatched consumer experience

Welcome to Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, over a rich journey of 66 years Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting has become one of the fastest growing FMCG companies. While it was founded in 1947 as a Vegetable Oil Company, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, today owns a vibrant brand portfolio in consumer care, lighting and furniture business which are leaders in respective markets.

Santoor, Chandrika, Glucovita, North West and Wipro Smartlite are leading brands in India. Enchanteur, Bio- essence and Romano are market leaders in ASEAN Countries. Yardley sells in over 40 countries. Wipro UNZA, the company formed after the acquisition of UNZA Holdings by Wipro Consumer Care and is headquartered at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a world leader in the Halal Cosmetics Category. In the B2B segment in India, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting has established itself as a leader in commercial lighting, indoor lighting and office modular furniture.

It grew from Rs. 304 Cr to 5900 Cr+ in 2015-16, growing 19 times in last 13 years. Sales Revenue for FY 15-16 stood at USD 908 Million.

Wipro – A Growing Global Presence

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting has presence in 18 countries predominantly in SAARC, ASEAN, MENA regions and also in the UK. It has 15 manufacturing units in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam and has a state of art R & D facilities in India and Malaysia. The company employees over 8500 people from 15 nationalities with women constituting 53% of the total work force.

Equal opportunity employer

Wipro’s policy is that applicants are considered for an employment on sole merit basis. It is known for attracting, retaining, and developing the highest quality talent. It strives to hire and promote people on the basis of their qualifications, performance, and abilities, and is committed to provide a work environment free of any form of illegal discrimination both direct and indirect, including sexual harassment. Further, Wipro is committed to maintaining a workplace where each employee’s privacy and personal dignity is respected and protected from offensive or threatening behavior including violence.

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting hiring practices are geared towards building a team capable of driving the individual goals and objectives of various divisions of the company working towards the final goal of creating stakeholder value. Across hierarchy, it is designed to search, select and onboard the candidates with the right functional skill and a temperament suited to excel in the respective businesses.

Our hiring philosophy is shaped by Wipro Values which are strongly held in the Spirit of Wipro. It is rooted both in current reality as well as representing what Wipro aspires to be, thus making it future active.

The ideal mix is a candidate with functional excellence, intensity to move ahead with the customers & Team and win, ability to act with sensitivity and intent to practice un-compromised integrity.