Mr. Suresh C Senapaty


Suresh Senapaty is Director of Wipro Enterprises Limited and also Executive Director & Chief Finance Officer of Wipro Limited. He heads Business Planning, Treasury and Controllership.

His association with Wipro goes back to Wipro Consumer Care where he was the CFO. He later became the Vice President Finance of Wipro Infotech. He moved to his present role as CFO, Wipro Corporation in 1995.

Suresh Senapaty has accomplished a number of significant milestones for Wipro Corporation. His first assignment was the merger of various companies such as Wipro Infotech and Wipro Systems with Wipro Limited. He played a key role in the New York Stock Exchange Listing of Wipro in 2000. This is the second time in the history of Wipro that it accessed the capital market; the first time was 1946.

He has been a committee member of the Confederation of the Indian Industry (CII) at the Regional Level and has made successful representations to the Government of India on a variety of Industry related issues.